Questions About Verrado Estates

Is there an HOA at Verrado Estates, and if so, what are the dues?

There is an HOA. The initial assessment to join the HOA is $950. The $950 covers the first year’s dues. (Upon resale of a home, the new homeowner may also be charged the initiation fee.) Thereafter dues are $62.50 monthly ($750 annually).

What are the HOA benefits?

Verrado Estates homeowners enjoy unlimited use of the clubhouse and pool at no additional cost. HOA dues cover the cost of upkeep, utilities and maintenance for all common areas as well as associated property taxes and insurances. There are no other fees or costs paid by Verrado Estates homeowners beyond the HOA dues. Click Here to read our Homeowner’s Clubhouse and Pool Use agreement.

How would Verrado Estates lot and deed restrictions, also known as Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), be described?

Our CC&Rs are reasonable requirements designed to create and maintain a luxury residential community. For example, to accomplish this goal minimum home sizes, building materials, setbacks and fencing requirements are in place as well as requirements for landscape maintenance. Click Here to view Verrado Estates CC&Rs.

How big are Verrado Estates lots?

All lots in Verrado Estates are a minimum of one acre. There is room to dream and room to grow.  All lots in Verrado Estates offer plenty of space for your shop, pool, tennis court or more to enhance your luxurious country living experience.

What are the costs of lots in Verrado Estates?

Prices range from $68,900 to $85,000. Additionally, there is a $1,000 one-time assessment to cover the cost of paving alleys. To find the price of a specific lot, click here to go to the map page. Once there, click on the lot you are interested in. Information regarding that lot will be displayed, including its price.

Am I required to only use certain builders? Can I build my home myself?

You are not required to use certain builders. However, the above pricing assumes you will use a reputable builder who is part of the West Texas Home Builders Association. Please call to discuss if you plan to build your home yourself. Pricing is generally $5,000 higher if you are not an established builder. In either case, your plans must meet the requirements discussed above and are required to be reviewed and approved by the Verrado Architectural Review Committee. Click here to see our list of premium builders.

If my initial plans change, can I add on (ie a barn, tennis court, etc.) later?

Yes. We realize that plans change. These changes, however, must meet the restrictions noted above and be approved by the Verrado Architectural Review Committee.

What is the source and quality of water at Verrado Estates?

Verrado Estates is blessed with abundant, high quality well water.  There have never been water restrictions in Verrado Estates, nor have water restrictions ever been considered.  Owning your own well means that you can enjoy luxurious landscaping throughout the year and never receive a water bill.  Drink in the abundance!

On the map of Verrado Estates, there are areas designated as commercial on the eastern side of the development, along FM 179. What are the plans for this area?

Currently, there are no plans for this area. However, the developers of Verrado Estates are committed to assuring that this area will be built out in a manner that is completely compatible with the upscale luxury homes that comprise Verrado Estates. To that end, no industrial or non-retail uses are envisioned. Likely, uses may include higher end retail shops and service providers.

What school district do children living in Verrado Estates attend?

Verrado Estates is in the highly rated Frenship School District.

Which agency is responsible for policing in Verrado Estates?

Verrado is serviced by the Lubbock County Sheriff.

What are the plans for FM 179?

Currently the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has plans to widen FM 179 to 5 lanes.  Construction could begin as early as the summer of 2018. We believe that the widening of FM 179 will make it easier and safer for residents and guests entering and exiting Verrado Estates from the east.

Is there a possibility of oil development at Verrado Estates?

A survey was conducted in 2017. That survey found that there is no commercially viable oil below Verrado Estates.